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Have you noticed how business portraits (headshots) are far more important than they used to be?

On company web sites and social networking services like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest, clients like to see fresh, current photographs of the professionals they do business with. A great headshot is a big step in building an enduring relationship, whether a client is considering a first time meeting, or maintaining a long-term relationship with you.

Paul and Brenda have earned a reputation for creating business portraits that communicate confidence, friendliness, professionalism, trustworthiness, integrity, accessibility, intelligence — the specific qualities and personality traits you want to project in your headshot.

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We Serve Business Portland

every type of business

We have an established track record creating effective business headshots and related imaging for a wide range of professionals at both the local and national level, including:

  • CEOs, Small Business Owners and Senior Management Teams
  • Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and all other Health-Care Professionals
  • Attorneys and their Staff
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Sports and Athletic Figures
  • Writers, Journalists, and On-Camera Talent
  • Insurance Agents
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Realtors
  • Political Figures, Appointees and Elected Officials
  • Cannabis-Related Businesses
  • Marketing/Communications Staff
  • Engineers and Technical Staff
  • Architects and Staff
  • Construction Firms
  • IT Professionals
  • Military and Law Enforcement
  • Clergy and Religious Organizations
  • Business and Financial Consultants
  • Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs
  • Professors and other Academics
  • Lobbyists
  • Employees, Contractors and Staff

We Can Work With You

Or your firm's team

While much of our work is commissioned by the subjects of our photos, we often work directly for corporations and organizations. We have worked side by side with doctors on the clinic floor, flown with CEOs in their corporate jets, worked within the halls of state and local government, and prepared countless headshots and other imaging for press kits announcing corporate mergers, grand openings and facility moves, political appointments, bill signings, product launches, and staff promotions. We can interface professionally with anyone, maintain absolute discretion and total confidentiality when necessary, and get our job done with speed, relentless attention to detail, and a minimum of turbulence and interruption to your busy schedule.

Can’t I just do this myself?

It can be very tempting to whip out your iPhone and have someone snap your picture standing in front of an office wall. And every day we see otherwise brilliant business people trying to get by with a photo from a well-intended family portrait photographer or other studio with little experience creating headshots for professional use. The result can be an expensive mistake in terms of lost credibility and missed opportunities. It’s so easy and inexpensive to have your headshot created by proven headshot photographers like Paul and Brenda, there is simply no excuse for anything less!

How long will this take?

Typically, a headshot session can be completed in our studio in 15 minutes to half an hour. Add another 45 minutes if you are planning to have an on-set makeup artist. We also can shoot on location or on your business premises. This can be especially helpful when you want to create headshots of several members of your staff or team, without requiring them to take time out of their busy day to travel to our Pearl District studio. For the most time-constrained subjects, with proper preparation we can successfully complete a session in less than five minutes.

To make an appointment or have any questions answered, call us at (503) 799-9802, or email [email protected]



For Corporate, Business, and Professional Headshots

The Staffer
  • Session at our studio at 1420 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR
  • Perfect for employees, staffers, team members, faculty, realtors, etc.
  • 1 Look (wardrobe, setting and lighting combination)
  • Unlimited shots taken
  • You select two images right after the session
  • We crop, adjust brightness and contrast, color correct, and then upload them to a dropbox for download within 48 hours
  • We provide a usage license that allows you to do anything you like with the pictures, without further permission from, or payment to us
The CEO or Professional
  • Session at our studio at 1420 NW Lovejoy, Portland, OR
  • 2 Looks (wardrobe, setting and lighting combinations)
  • Unlimited shots taken
  • Best photos from session uploaded to online gallery as previews
  • You pick your favorite eight (8) photos; we perform a final edit on those eight and then re-upload them to an online gallery
  • You can download any or all of the photos in the gallery
  • We provide a usage license that allows you to do anything you like with the pictures, without further permission from, or payment to us
On-Location Session
  • We bring a complete portable studio to your office, business or special event location
  • Convenient for employees, because they don't have to leave work for their headshot session
  • Within 50 miles of PDX, $199 for the first person, $49 for each additional person; call for pricing for other cities.
  • One look per person
  • We crop, adjust brightness and contrast, color correct, and then upload them to an online gallery for immediate download
  • At least two images for each person delivered.
  • We provide a usage license that allows you to do anything you like with the pictures, without further permission from, or payment to us
  • On Set Makeup Artist* - varies - call for quote
  • Retouching - Basic editing (crop, color correct, brightness/contrast) is included win your package for four images per "look" shot. Professional, detailed retouching (line and wrinkle retouching, teeth whitening, blemish removal, slimming, etc.) is an option, at $25 per photo retouched
  • USB thumb drive with best images from shoot (exactly the same images as delivered online); available for pickup at our office 48 hours after shoot - $15
  • Fed-Ex Delivery of USB drive to the address of your choice - $15
  • *If you want a makeup/hair artist in-studio for your session, let us know at the time of booking, and we'll provide you with current pricing, book one for you, with a $50 deposit.

How it Works

What's Included?

A relaxed photography session shot in high-resolution professional digital in our Pearl District studio (1420 NW Lovejoy), on-location, or outdoors (weather permitting). We shoot between one and four different looks (a "look" is a wardrobe, lighting, background, or location change). Within 48 hours after your session, we upload your selections to an online gallery at high resolution. Your pictures are ready to share, download, print and use! You can download any or all of the images from your gallery at hi-res any time you like for any purpose (see the Usage License we provide for specifics). The images will remain in your gallery for at least one year. You can download the images and have them printed if you need 8x10s, or submit them as digital photos for auditions or casting files. If there are specific requirements for how the photos must be sized, just send them to us and we'll put up versions that meet the specs -- no extra charge!

Your Photo Session

Weekday, evening, and weekend sessions are available by appointment. Same-day/short notice appointments are often available. No fixed time limit or number of frames - we shoot until we are confident we've created some great headshots for you; typically we shoot around 30 frames, and most sessions last around 30 minutes. Again though, we don't have fixed "rules," we shoot until we are confident that we have a good selection of headshots for you. If you choose to have one or more of your images professionally retouched (including hair straightening, blemish removal, wrinkle softening, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, etc.) just let us know which photos you want retouched - $25/photo.


Most sessions are $149, with extra "looks" available at $49/each. Payment is due at the end of the session; we accept cash, check, and most debit and credit cards. Orders for retouching, prints, or digital media are payable at time of order. To keep our costs low, we do not offer terms, 30-day payment, credit, etc. A photo session is a service, and as such, there are no refunds. However, if you are not happy with your performance in front of the camera and don't like the results, we offer a reshoot session at a cost of $25 per look (wardrobe, setting, and lighting combination), to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time within two weeks of the original session.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Makeup and hair styling is not included in our base prices. For women, we usually recommend makeup; for men or children, makeup and hair is rarely necessary. For our clients who choose to have their makeup done, we recommend stopping at a salon before your photo session. We see consistently good results from the award-winning Dosha Salons ( but of course there are many others in the Portland area that do great work. In-studio makeup artists are a possibility, but over the last couple of years, this option has increased significantly in price, and scheduling/booking them is a time-consuming task. If you would like us to find a makeup/hair artist at your session, please let us know when you book your appointment so we can make the necessary arrangements. But unless you REALLY need the onset MUA, we recommend the salon option.

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Corporate and Business Headshots

To book your headshot session, please call Brenda at (503) 799-9802
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