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Welcome to the wedding photography of Portland-based Brenda Rose and Paul Grupp, two full-time professional photographers in their 11th year shooting beautiful weddings together. We’d love to be YOUR wedding photographers!

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We think our strength lies in our ability to “get” and then tell your story in beautiful photographs that celebrate humanity and artistry. A wedding is an emotional event, and we work hard to capture and portray the spirit and emotions of the day. In the end, what we think sets us apart is our deep experience in three essential areas of wedding photography — photojournalism, fashionable art, and portraiture.

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It's All About YOU!

We are story-tellers; we capture the emotions and joy of YOUR celebration, and photograph all the goodness that will happen on your day. We are not particularly interested in making stuff up — if you want a set of pictures with photoshopped zombies or dinosaurs chasing your wedding party across a field, we probably are not your wedding photographers.

Our photography “style” is less about us, and more about you. If you are a nerdy goofball couple, your photos will reflect that, with lots of funny shots and crazy stuff going on. Or if you are a very formal couple who appreciates having every little thing done just “right,” then your photos will be conservative and elegant. In other words, our photography is more about you, and less about us!

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