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The Grupp & Rose modern boudoir photography style covers a lot of territory — ranging from beautiful old Hollywood glamour (think black and white with dramatic lighting), to hot Maxim “tease,” to sexy Playboy-style nudity, to alternative/Suicide-girls-style edge, to 60s-style cinéma vérité. We can shoot in a very simple environment, or a styled studio with elegant furniture and lush surroundings.

What direction we go in is entirely up to you — our years of experience allow us to tailor the settings, lighting, and photographic style to perfectly complement the look you want to achieve and your comfort zone. One thing is for sure — a boudoir session will produce one of the most uniquely personal gifts you can give your significant other!



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Relax. You've come to the right place

A fun and comfortable experience!

Our experience shooting hundreds of model portfolios, boudoir, pinup and glamour sessions over the last 12 years helps us create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your photo session, ensuring that you look your best. We aren’t a cookie-cutter “glamour shots” mall-store studio with a stash of feather boas and a pose book that will make you look exactly like every other woman they’ve shot.

We generally don’t provide wardrobe — you bring your own clothes and lingerie (although we DO have an ever-growing inventory of key accessories and little things to spice up what you bring!). We bring the knowledge and experience to make you look your very best, to put you into settings and locations with incredibly beautiful lighting, and help you feel completely comfortable and confident while we create a unique work of art.

How sexy and undressed you become is your choice — we respect your comfort level, and work with anyone from the shyest introvert to the most outgoing “bad girl.” We have worked with members of a Southern Baptist Bible study group, students and moms, dancers and sex workers, lawyers and doctors – and everybody in between! So we promise that whatever your background and personality is, we’ll create gorgeous artistic images, and put you totally at ease while doing it.


Own it. Flaunt it.

The next choice for your boudoir session is style. The choices are almost infinite; it really depends on your personality, the wardrobe choices you bring, which studio location you choose for your shoot, and a million other variables. Usually Brenda will chat with you on the phone or in person before the shoot to come up with a shooting plan that gives you a look and style that you are happy with.

One really helpful thing we suggest is that you share a few “inspiration” photos with us — email us a few photos or Pinterest board of boudoir images you’ve found around the internet or in our galleries that represent a look you would like to achieve in your own session. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this will give us a much clearer understanding of your tastes.

You can do your own makeup, you can use an in-studio professional artist, or you can have it done at a salon or spa before you come to the shoot.  TIP: Avoid the temptation to do tanning unless you are VERY familiar with your personal results and have done it before. A lot of people come out streaky or orange the first time, and it can be almost impossible to fix in photoshop.

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Choose your setting

Lots of options for location

You have lots of choices for location:


    • We can shoot at our studio in Portland’s Pearl District, or the gorgeous Lumin Estate studio in Vancouver, Washington.
    • We can shoot outdoors – we know some beautiful locations in and around Portland. When shooting outdoors, we have to work during the time of day with the best light — usually early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. We love to do combination shoots both in the studio and outdoors, and we offer this at no extra charge.
    • You may have access to interesting or beautiful spaces to shoot in, or perhaps you want to shoot at home, or at a location that has special meaning to you. Our lighting gear is compact and portable, and we can set up anywhere. Feel free to suggest your own location for your boudoir shoot!



Diva for a Day

Like a Boss

Generally, a boudoir photo session at our studio takes around three hours (ish), depending on makeup and hair, whether we shoot in just one location or several, and so on. We’ll never rush you or hurry you out the door — we shoot until we are confident we have created a good selection of great images. You’ll be surprised by how many amazing pictures you get from your boudoir session with the professionals at Grupp & Rose Photography.

We understand that many women have never done anything like this before, and so we do everything possible to make you comfortable and at ease. If you have booked our on-set makeup artist, she will get down to work right away (makeup usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, hair can add up to another half hour). When you’re ready, Paul and Brenda will start shooting — generally, Paul handles the technical side (lighting, etc.) and Brenda helps you find poses and makes sure that you look your best. If you choose to have the makeup artist stay through the shoot, she’ll help with the styling of each “look,” as well as fine-tuning your makeup between looks.

After the Shoot

What do I get, and can I keep it completely private?

We shouldn’t have to say it, but we respect and guard your privacy and confidentiality, and your pictures are never displayed or posted publicly anywhere unless you ask us to do so, in writing. (All the sample images you see here are women who have given their permission for us to display their images.)

There are several ways we can deliver your pictures:

  • We can provide the hi-res images in a private, password-protected online gallery. Download them any time.
  • You can pick them up at the studio on a USB thumb drive (Optional Fed-ex shipping available).
  • One of our favorite final products is a beautiful book. They look awesome, and come in a variety of styles from a pretty soft-cover, to a cute little black book, a sophisticated leather-covered album, or a huge art book. We can also do a one-year calendar, with an image from your shoot on each month.  And of course, we can make prints in a wide range of sizes from 4×6 up to 20×30, mounted or framed. The turn-around time on the books and prints is very fast. You can see samples of all the above by visiting us at our Pearl District office. (Please call ahead for an appointment!)

The Quick and Easy
  • Shot at our studio at 1420 NW Lovejoy in Portland, OR
  • DIY Makeup and Hair
  • One look (wardrobe/setting/lighting changes)
  • Light retouching for four images
  • Password-protected online gallery
Everything You Need
  • Shot at our studio at 1420 NW Lovejoy in Portland, OR
  • Four looks (wardrobe/setting/lighting changes)
  • Retouching for all images used in book
  • USB Thumb Drive with all the best images from the shoot
  • 8x8" 20-page Book
  • DIY Makeup and Hair
  • Option to add on-set hair and makeup artist (ranges from $50 to $175)
Pamper Me Like a Boss
  • Welcome package (fruit snack tray, beverages, flowers, truffles)
  • Shot at our studio at 1420 NW Lovejoy in Portland, OR, or your choice of location (contact us for specific details, pricing and availability)
  • On-set makeup artist for entire session
  • Four looks (wardrobe/setting/lighting changes)
  • Retouching for all the images used in the book
  • USB Thumb Drive with all the best images from the shoot
  • 12" x 12" 30-page Hardcover Art Book (Gorgeous!)

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